I love having live plants around the house, it’s such an easy way to decorate a space. There are so many kinds of plants to pick from, it makes it perfect for anyone or any style. That is why I absolutely love this easy one day project. It’s perfect to elevate that old clay pot into something special, without spending a lot of time or money. You can customize this look to match your color scheme or personality, the possibilities are endless!

This also makes it perfect for gift giving, creating a unique gift for a friend or family member that they can enjoy for years to come. The other great perk of this project is that it’s kid friendly, making it the perfect weekend project for the family!

What Does It Take To Get This Look?

This project is so easy you will start making them for all your friends and family. Plus, the end result looks so good no one would ever guess that it’s so inexpensive to make!


  • Clay Pot
  • Plant of your choice (we used a Pilea mollis plant)
  • Acrylic Paint (2 colors)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Wood Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Jute Twine

Let’s Do It!

Start this project by washing and drying a clay pot. You don’t want any dirt on it that will prevent the paint from adhering properly. Once it’s fully dry, it’s time to start painting. The choice is yours on color scheme, we went with light tan on the bottom coat then dark blue on the top coat. This is a great way to customize the pots to match your home decor style.

If you can’t decide on what colors you want to go with, you can buy a clay saucer and practice samples which is what I did a few times before deciding. Once you finalize your colors, you are good to go (and honestly that was the hardest part of the project).

Now you want to paint the outside of the pot and the inner lip that wont be covered by the plant. Let that dry completely.

Once the pot is dry, you can paint on the wood glue. I tried this project with Elmer’s All Purpose Glue and Titebond II Wood Glue. I much preferred the results of the wood glue over the all purpose glue (see comparison pictures below). For the amount of glue, you want a good amount on the pot (see pictures above) but not enough that it’s going to take hours and hours to dry. I would call it a moderate amount (I know, not the best description) but if you are unsure just watch our quick step by step video on this project. Now simply brush the glue on everywhere you put the first coat of paint.

Once glue is on, let dry for 5-8 minutes, until the glue is tacky but still wet to the touch. Dab on second paint color with your brush. If you drag the brush, you will be dragging the glue with it, reducing the crackling affect of the paint. Completely coat and let dry.

Now that the pot is dry, it’s time to add the twine. I think this part is best with two people, one to add the glue and one to add the twine, but you can do this alone too, it just goes a little slower. Simply start at the bottom and start gluing the twine in place. This can be done with a little bit of sloppiness to help create the aged pot look. Continue adhering the twine all the way around the pot until you reach the top.

Now add your plant and you are done! I hope you enjoyed this project as much as we did. We would love to see your results, if you complete this project please post a picture in the comments for everyone to see!

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