It Starts with Passion…

Wicked Handy is all about passion, and our passions come in the form of hard work and great food.  We value creating and building with our own hands whenever possible.  We want to share our passion with anyone who shares a similar interest with us.  Those interests include gardening, cooking (often with the foods we grow in our garden), and wood-working/do-it-yourself projects.

Inside this site, you’ll find tips and tricks, blueprints and plans, recipes, and so much more.  We hope you enjoy learning along with us as much as we do. Thank you for visiting!


German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Sometimes the best recipes come from special requests, like this amazing German Chocolate Cake! My husband's Grandfather was celebrating his 88th birthday earlier this year and had asked for a German Chocolate Cake. Not wanting to disappoint, this cake pulls out all...

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Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread

What happens when you take the amazing cinnamon goodness from traditional coffee cake and combine that with banana bread? You get this delicious Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread! Layers of banana breads with swirls of cinnamon filling topped with crunchy cinnamon crumble,...

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Quick Pickled Red Onion & Jalapeno Sandwich Topper

It has always amazed me in cooking how you can use the same ingredients and depending on what you do with them you can have wildly different results. This recipe is the perfect example of that! Take the simple onion and jalapeno which I use in almost all my recipes....

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Home & Garden

In Our Garden: 2020 Fall Season

I'm so excited to be starting the Fall season of our garden. We have a new trellis to test out, new plants to grow, we are experimenting with a 3 sisters bed, and so much more! Stay tuned for updates of our San Antonio, Texas Back Yard Garden! New PVC Garden Trellis...

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In Our Garden: 2020 Spring Season

"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments." -Janet Kilburn Phillips This is one of my all time favorite gardening quotes, it sums up how I feel about each gardening season. Every year, I test out new companion plants, new support systems, new kinds of...

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DIY Antique Style Welcome Sign

Welcome signs for your doorstep are such a great way to make people feel invited into your home! It sets the tone for your style to anyone passing by, and in general just gives your house a more neighborly feel. This project allows you to make one in no time at all...

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DIY Upholstered Bench

Upholstered benches are such a practical piece of furniture around the house. They are just one of those pieces that can be put just about anywhere to add a little style and functionality to your home. But who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a bench that may not...

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